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Dana M. Dockery is a certified public accountant with 16 years of tax preparation experience. She possesses a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a major in accounting and is alumni of the University of Memphis. She also earned a Master's of Science Degree with a major in professional accounting and is also alumni of Strayer University.


Tax Preparation, Planning, and Financial Assistance Services

Accurate and timely preparation is essential to the internal tax return filing process. At Dana M. Dockery CPA MS, you can rely on our team of seasoned accountants and tax preparation professionals to take charge of documentation tasks efficiently.

Trust us to attend to all your planning and preparation needs. Best of all, we focus keenly on enabling you to receive the optimal refund amount possible.

Tax Consultant

Speedy Cash Advance Solutions

Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected expense or need extra cash to make ends meet, we’ve got you covered. Get easy access to funds via our fast cash advance services and enjoy quick financial relief.

We’ve made the process simple and convenient. This way, you can receive the money you need right away.

Certified Public Accountant Services

Find personalized solutions suitable to your unique financial needs. As a certified public accountant, Dana M. Dockery CPA MS offers a range of professional services.

To effectively manage your finances, ask us for assistance. Our accountancy services include:

  • Bookkeeping and Auditing
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Consulting

Bank on Experience, Expertise, and Efficiency

We are well-versed in tax preparation and certified public accountant services. To make sure that you receive the highest level of service possible, we prioritize your needs and work diligently.

Expect us to always devise solutions tailored to your unique financial situation. Save time and money using fast, accurate, and streamlined accounting processes combined with the latest technology.

Receive Guidance and Support

Navigate the intricacies of tax preparation and financial planning confidently as we provide the support and guidance you seek. We’re here to help you achieve financial goals as your business grows and your career advances.

Meet Dana M. Dockery CPA MS

Dana M. Dockery CPA MS as been in business since 2015 focusing on helping individuals and families with their tax preparation needs and utilizes the most up to date software systems to accomplish this goal. The team which includes Carlos Shanklin is dedicated to accuracy and efficiency while providing excellent customer service. 

Carlos Shanklin is a degreed accountant with 4 years of tax preparation experience. He possesses a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a major in accounting and is alumni of the University of Memphis.

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